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Vitus P, Adam's student


Hi, my name is Adam O’Dell.

Since 2012, I’ve helped thousands of everyday Americans get rich in the stock market…

But not in a normal way.

In fact, it’s all thanks to ONE simple secret that most investment experts say is foolish…

Some even call it downright crazy.

Yet as you’ll soon see, you can’t argue with the results…

Or the fact I used this secret to retire at age 33.

What’s more, it’s incredibly easy to use.

This secret could help you make life-changing gains…

Even if you know nothing about investing…

Even if you have no spare time…

And even if you don’t have much money starting out…

All you need is an internet connection, a few spare minutes and an open mind — and you could start using this secret to make money today.

I’ll prove it to you.

In the next few moments, I’m going to reveal exactly how my secret could help you become seriously rich too...

Why am I so confident? Because, as I said…

I’ve Already “Retired” Thanks to This Secret — and I’m in My 30s…

I was trading a $5 million account by age 29.

And I “retired” at age 33 — moving close to the Florida Keys where I live on the kind of beach you see on postcards.

Now I work on my own schedule, doing what I love.

And I’m happy to keep a low profile.

I don’t see the appeal of making a name for myself on Wall Street ... or doing the rounds on Fox Business, CNN and CNBC.

To me, that looks awful.

My goal was simply to escape the 9-to-5 grind as soon as I possibly could.

And that’s what I did.

I have my house on the beach in paradise.

My wife.

And unlimited freedom.

I usually start my day with a coffee on the deck while I check in with the markets — followed by a long lunch with my wife…

In the afternoon, I might go swimming in the warm, clear ocean waters of South Florida … or ride my bike by the beach as the sun goes down.

I live the quiet life.

And it’s just the way I like it.

But think about it…

What would YOU do if money was no object?

Would you live it up with vacations, dinners out and new toys?

Or would you simply help your family out on a whole new level?

Well, that’s a question I want to help you answer.

Because when YOU know my stock market secret, you could become seriously rich.

And I want you to experience that level of freedom as soon as possible...

That’s Why for an Extremely Limited Time You Can Get My Millionaire Master Class...
for Just $1

Here’s the deal…

My team and I just organized the details of my stock market secret into a comprehensive blueprint.

It’s called the Millionaire Master Class: The Complete Guide to Getting Rich With the Momentum Principle.

And it can be yours today for just $1 … along with a sweet deal on a subscription to my monthly newsletter, Green Zone Fortunes (more on that in a moment).

Inside my Master Class, you’ll discover how my followers are using my stock market secret to get rich fast.

So what’s my secret?

I buy high and sell HIGHER.

In short: I only buy stocks that are in a massive uptrend.

This is the opposite of what most investment experts say you should do.

You’ve probably heard a million times before that you should “buy low and sell high.”

But I NEVER do that.

I never try to pick the bottom.

And I’m not interested in “value.”

I only invest following what I call the Momentum Principle: “buy high, sell higher.”

Of course, everybody from Jim Cramer to Warren Buffett will tell you this is the wrong way to invest.

But that’s probably why I’ve run rings around people like this for nearly a decade.

In fact, the Momentum Principle is so powerful that I’ve designed not one … not two … but THREE market-beating strategies based off it.

And if you’re one of the first 250 people to act today, you can get the details of all three of these strategies in my Master Class, including…

Momentum Principle Strategy No. 1

How to pinpoint high-flying stocks that are primed to soar even higher…

If you’d like a reliable way to find stocks that could be moments away from exploding higher, then you’ll love Chapter 4 of my Master Class.

This is where I reveal the details of my Green Zone Rating system.

This is the simple six-step system I use for pinpointing high-flying stocks that are primed to soar even higher … so you can “buy high and sell higher.”

I call these companies Green Zone stocks.

And they consistently outperform the market…

Take a look…

These are the kinds of returns that could have helped you become rich fast…

In fact, according to my back test, a $50,000 stake invested in Green Zone stocks could have ballooned into $1.4 million since 1999.

That’s over a million dollars more than investing the same amount in the S&P 500!

Of course, there is no guarantee these stocks will continue like this, but you can see the million-dollar potential…

“With gains like these, you’ have the rich retirement you deserve.

But that’s just the beginning.

Because on page 58 of my Master Class you’re also going to get details of…”


Momentum Principle Strategy No. 2

Witness the profit-making power of the system that left Berkshire Hathaway in the dust…

In Chapter 5 of my Master Class, you’ll discover the strategy that put me on the map as one of the world’s greatest investors.

This is a simple way to turbocharge the returns you get “buying high and selling higher” by using options.

I’ve been using this strategy in one of my premium research services since 2012, and during that time, we’ve smashed the returns of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.

Check out some of the returns you could have made…

XLY – 407% in 56 days.

SVU – 428% in 58 days.

GOLD – 498% in 120 days.

PAAS – 336% in 63 days.

FEZ – 213% in 87 days.

XLU – 111% in 63 days.

XLV – 106% in 35 days.

ROK – 197% in 75 days.

MUB – 108% in 17 days.

X – 201% in 55 days.

TITN – 140% in 65 days.

MU – 106% in 30 days.

EWW – 115% in 77 days.

PAAS – 114% in 17 days.

MDT – 117% in 35 days.

FXC – 337% in 85 days.

These aren’t hypothetical returns, either.

These are real gains readers of my premium service could have taken to the bank.

In fact, they could have turned $50,000 into more than $2 MILLION since 2012 … provided they followed my simple strategy that involves reinvesting profits while allocating 25% of their account balance to each new trade.

To be clear, these trades come from recommendations I send to readers of my premium $2,000-a-year publication…

And you won’t receive these recommendations when you claim my Master Class today.

What you will get is all the details of this Momentum Principle strategy for a fraction of the cost that anyone has ever paid to see it … so you can put it to use yourself without paying thousands of dollars.

And you’ll also see exactly how I used this strategy to smash the gains of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway by nearly $1.8 million since 2012!

“With this strategy, I believe any investor can beat the returns of Warren Buffet’s Berskhire Hathaway.

But there’s still more.

Because on page 72 of my Master Class you’re also going to get details of…”


Momentum Principle Strategy No. 3

See the lazy man’s path to stock market riches…

If you’re the type of person who wants to do as little work as possible while still becoming extremely rich in the markets…

Then the strategy I reveal in Chapter 6 of my Master Class could be the perfect fit for you.

I believe it’s the simplest Momentum Principle strategy ever devised.

It uses just TWO investments.

And is virtually “set it and forget it.”

Despite this, the results have been incredible since I launched a premium research service based on this system in 2016.

It performed especially well during the recent corona crash…

So, it could be the perfect strategy to have in your pocket the next time the markets sink!

Again, the gains on this chart are based on trade recommendations I sent to readers in another one of my premium $2,000-a-year publications.

And you won’t get these recommendations when you claim the Master Class.

But you will get ALL the details of this strategy for the lowest price anyone has ever paid to access this information…

That way, you can put this strategy to use on your own next time there’s a big market sell-off … without having to pay thousands of dollars.

Just grab one of the 250 copies of my Master Class on offer today, and you’ll get instant access to the details of all of my Momentum Principle Strategies.

In a moment, I’ll tell you how to get your hands on a copy of the Master Class just for $1.

Before I do, I should warn you:

You Won’t Find the Secrets Inside My Master Class Anywhere Else in the World…

Even though my Master Class is incredibly cheap, it’s the only place you’ll find my powerful Momentum Principle secrets.

You won’t find them in the most sought-after financial books.

You won’t hear them from other traders.

And you CERTAINLY won’t get them from mainstream investment advice.


Because the mainstream is still stuck on the same old lie:

“If you want to get rich in stocks, you need to 'buy low' and hold on for the long term.”

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times before from everyone from Warren Buffett to your financial advisor.

But “buy-and-hold” is a slow-lane strategy.

You can’t grow rich from it unless you’re already rich … or unless you have 40 years to wait for compound interest to work its magic.

And it’s nowhere near as safe as mainstream advisors claim it to be.

I know this for a fact.

See, I used to be an advisor at a Fortune 500 financial services company … and I saw firsthand the horrific effects a buy-and-hold strategy had on the accounts of many of our clients.

I got started in the middle of the Great Recession.

If you recall, between late 2007 and early 2009, the stock market dropped 57%.

But my company’s advice at the time was simply “DO NOTHING”.

Just stay the course … HOLD.

Yet, I had clients who were about to retire in the next five years … who needed a safe source of income they could rely on.

Maybe you were in that position yourself at the time?

Or, maybe, you worry about the same thing happening just as you hit retirement?

It would be a total disaster.


Your dream retirement evaporates as your savings get chopped in half.

I saw it happen firsthand during the Great Recession.

And it happened again to millions of Americans during the recent corona crash.

But here’s the worst part about buy-and-hold:

The people following mainstream investment advice are taking huge risks with their money for a measly 8 — 10% gain each year.

That’s how much you’re told to expect with a “safe” buy-and-hold strategy!

But like me, you’ve probably wondered…

How on Earth Are Ordinary Folks
Supposed to Get Rich on 8% a Year?

The average American simply can’t.

I know because I was in the same boat.

I come from humble beginnings.

I grew up in Huntington, West Virginia … a small town of just 60,000 people.

My grandparents were blue-collar factory workers…

They started with nothing and worked hard to earn everything they had.

And, while my parents gave me everything I needed as a child, they were by no means what you’d call rich.

Like everybody else, they followed a buy-and-hold strategy.

But I knew there must be a better way to help people like my parents get rich…

And thankfully, I found it…

The Momentum Principle: “buy high, sell higher.”

As I said, this involves buying stocks that are already in an uptrend rather than trying to buy low.

And while mainstream experts will try to warn you off my approach...

The truth is that using the Momentum Principle is hands-down the best way to target market-beating returns.

Paul Tudor Jones — perhaps the greatest hedge fund manager of our generation — credits much of his $5.1 billion fortune to the Momentum Principle…

“If something’s going up, I want to be long it.”

Billionaire hedge fund manager Richard Driehaus also counts the Momentum Principle as his secret weapon…

“I believe that more money can be made buying high and selling at even higher prices.”

And in a 2014 study, hedge fund billionaire Clifford Asness discovered that the Momentum Principle has delivered outperforming returns for more than two centuries

“The existence of [the Momentum Principle] is a well-established empirical fact. The return premium is evident in 212 years of U.S. equity data.”

In short: the Momentum Principle works.

Think of it like this…

Before a plane takes off, it needs to build up speed and momentum … otherwise, it can’t leave the ground, right?

You see it every time you’re at the airport.

A plane ambles down the runway…

Then it begins picking up speed as the engines kick in…

But it’s not until it hits around 180 miles per hour that it has the momentum it needs to take off into the sky.

I love watching it.

But here’s something most people don’t realize:

Stocks do EXACTLY the same thing.

Before they REALLY start soaring, they need to build up a certain amount of speed and momentum first.

And if you can spot the telltale signs of a stock that’s about to take off, you can grow rich at great speed.

And That’s Where My Master Class Comes In…

Inside I’ll show you an extremely simple way to locate stocks that could be about to jump higher … get in for a shot at big profits … and then get out before the move breaks down.

In short: buy high … and sell higher!

In fact, you’ll get the details of three systems I’ve designed that make it easy to use the Momentum Principle.

You can choose which one best suits your lifestyle and the amount of time you want to spend trading.

Either way, you can focus on buying ONLY stocks that are about to explode higher … and ignore the rest of the market.

So unlike with buy low and hold, you reduce the risk of your portfolio getting dragged down by a heap of stocks in a downtrend.

This gives you the chance to build your wealth far more quickly. And that’s why it’s the perfect strategy for everyday Americans who aren’t rich yet … but want to end up that way.

And I’m proud to say this strategy is already transforming lives.

In fact, on page 58 of my Master Class, I lay out the system I use to make recommendations to subscribers of one of my premium services…

And they have frequently had the chance to make more than 400% gains in just a few weeks.

They don’t have to put up with the glacier-like returns that mainstream experts steer them toward any longer.

Take a look at what happened to my loyal subscriber Robert...

He was fed up with the poor returns from his buy-and-hold strategy…

So Robert Decided to Give My Secret a Go, and He Quickly Started Beating the Market 4-to-1!

Like many Americans, he had his money parked in his company 401(k) program, but his results were terrible…


At the time Robert wrote in, the Momentum Principle stocks he bought were beating the S&P 500 by an incredible 4-to-1 margin…

And one was up seven times higher than the S&P 500!

So he was able to boost his retirement savings WAY faster than most mainstream investment advisors think is possible…

But imagine you were able to QUADRUPLE the return of the S&P 500 starting today.

I’m guessing the stress of running out of money in retirement would begin to fall away...

And you could start thinking about REALLY living during your golden years … rather than scrimping, saving and worrying about every dime.

You’d have a rich retirement.

Of course, not every trade will be a massive winner.

And there will be those that don’t go your way.

But no strategy on Earth has a 100% win rate…

The good news is you don’t need a 100% track record to make consistent profits and grow seriously rich...

Remember: My recommendations using the strategy I reveal on page 58 could have turned a $50,000 portfolio into more than $2 million since 2012.

And while you won’t get recommendations with my Master Class, you’ll discover inside that even if you’re starting with a much smaller amount, you still have the opportunity to help fund a luxurious, rich retirement.

You can get started with a few thousand dollars if you want.

And you can begin to build your net worth…

And the best part is…

It couldn’t be simpler for you to give up “buy-and-hold” … and put my Momentum Principle to work on your retirement portfolio.

Claim My Master Class Now for a Ridiculously Low Price … and You Can Get Started Instantly

In seconds, you can be reading through all seven modules of the Millionaire Master Class on the screen you’re viewing now…

And you’ll immediately discover secrets like…

How the average 60-year-old American could help transform their investment accounts into a retirement “freedom fund” — so you can live it up with dinners out, vacations and new toys…

Scared the economy is about to crash? I’ll reveal the world’s strongest “crash indicator.” You won’t hear this in the mainstream financial press — but when it flashes, it’ll give you the warning you need to protect your portfolio!

Stressed that your retirement accounts aren’t growing fast enough? Here’s how to play “catch-up” and boost your retirement income fast … even if you’re close to retiring or already retired.

Are you falling prey to this “common sense” investing mistake? I call it the “behavior gap,” and most people believe it’s the right way to buy stocks. But it’s likely KILLING your gains. I tell you how to avoid it.

Why doctors, lawyers and other “smart people” often make terrible investors … and why the secret to getting rich in stocks is far simpler than you might think.

The No. 1 secret behind CRUSHING the market year after year. Hint: It’s more to do with old-age wisdom than trading algorithms and “high-tech” financial tools…

And much, much more…

Inside my Master Class, you’ll get all the secrets that have helped me crush the returns of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway for nearly a decade ... for just $1.

But only for those who act quickly today.

For the First 250 Responders Today: Claim My Millionaire Master Class for Next to Nothing

Today, you have the chance to discover the secrets inside my Master Class at an incredible discount…

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Even at that price, it’s well worth it.

My Momentum Principle strategies have changed thousands of lives.

Like my subscriber Joe P, who wrote to me…”


But right now, through this offer only, my Master Class can be yours for just $1 (with an $18.98 subscription to my Green Zone Fortunes newsletter)...

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It’s a hell of a trade.

I’m talking about a dollar, for crying out loud!

You can’t even buy a pack of gum for that amount in most places these days.

Naturally, you might be wondering why I would do something like this?

Well, here’s the deal…

I believe that you’ll be so impressed with the quality of the content in this Master Class … with how quickly it could change your finances…

… that you’ll want to continue hearing from me and buy more of my research in the future. This $1 deal is my way of getting you in the door and showing you what I have to offer.

And it gets even better.

Because I want to give you another great gift...

A Video Series Containing All
My Market-Beating Secrets.
Worth $599. Yours FREE.

If you act today, you’ll get instant access to a complete video resource that details all my market-beating secrets.

It’s called the Momentum Principle Millionaire Video Series.


And inside, you’ll discover…

How almost anybody can become rich from trading … it doesn’t take talent or an especially large bank balance. You just need to follow simple rules!

Why investing using my Momentum Principle can be far safer than buy-and-hold. (It means you might never see the kind of declines your portfolio saw in 2008 ever again!)

The strange reason the average investor makes less than HALF the annual return of the S&P … even during bull markets!

The No. 1 mistake people make when investing in stocks. (99% of investors do this without even knowing it. You’ll learn how to avoid it.)

How to ride a “never-ending bull market” where you always have a winning trend to play...

And much, much more…

And guess what?

There’s still more to come.

I Will HAND YOU Trade Recommendations
Based on My Stock Market Secret —
So You Won’t Have to Lift a Finger

“You see, it’s one thing to understand the Momentum Principle and use my market-beating strategies for yourself.

And you'll have that opportunity when you claim a copy of my Master Class.

But what if I made it even easier?

What if I simply hand you the best investments I find using my newest Momentum Principle strategy?

Let me explain.

I told you earlier about my Green Zone Rating system.

It’s detailed at length in Chapter 4 of my Master Class.

In short, it teaches you how to find high-flying stocks that are primed to soar even higher…

And with my Master Class, this is something you could do yourself.

And I’m sure you’d achieve great results.”

But wouldn’t it be better if I simply did it for you?

Well, that’s exactly what will happen when you claim one of the 250 copies of my Master Class on offer today.

Here’s how it will work:

Each month, I’ll run the entire universe of 8,000 U.S. stocks through my proprietary six-factor Green Zone Rating system.

This gives each stock a rating between 0 and 100.

The handful of companies that get a rating of 90 or higher get the coveted designation of being a “Green Zone stock.”


This Green Zone stock scored 100 on my rating system — it's a buy!

These are stocks that are already in an uptrend but are poised to explode WAY higher…

I’m talking about the “best of the best” companies on the market that are primed to deliver huge profits over the weeks and months ahead.

Yet I don’t stop there.

From this high-powered list of stocks, I hand-pick just one each month.

The best Green Zone stock on the market.

I then send the details to your inbox.

That’s right.

You’ll get the ticker of the best stock out of 8,000, along with detailed research and analysis sent straight to you.

In short: I’ll do all the heavy lifting…

All you have to do is read my research, choose to buy in and watch any potential profits pile up.

Take a look…

As you can see, my back test shows $50,000 invested in Green Zone stocks would have turned into more than a million dollars more than investing in the S&P 500.

And while that is no guarantee of how these stocks will perform going forward, you can see that this has the potential to supercharge your nest egg and help fund a great retirement.

So here’s the deal...

When you subscribe today for just $18.98, you’ll get all the research and trade recommendations from my Green Zone Rating system sent straight to your inbox.

AND you’ll get access to all my Momentum Principle secrets in my Master Class for just $1 more!

These are the benefits you get as a member of my monthly newsletter…

This is the main part of this deal.

As I said, I will send you all my research and analysis, including my best stock each month, based on my Green Zone Rating system.

I recommend acting on the recommendation as soon as you receive it.

Since I started this service, my Green Zone stock picks are beating the market by an incredible 3-to-1…

These kinds of results will help you grow your wealth way faster than you ever could using a “buy low and hold” strategy.

What’s more...

I will also send you weekly updates listing all the stocks that have scored 90 and above in my rating system … so you’re updated on the market’s hottest stocks week by week.

I’m confident my newsletter will help you secure the rich retirement you deserve.

And the strategies from my Master Class can help you explore even more…

In fact, look at what happened to others who experienced my recommendations using my various Momentum Principle strategies for themselves…


Here’s the deal…

The total value of everything I’m offering you today is almost $1,000.

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And that’s not all.

Let’s go over everything…

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Millionaire Master Class: The Complete Guide to Getting Rich With the Momentum PrincipleInside, you’ll get all the details of my powerful market-beating Momentum Principle strategies … including the one responsible for the recommendations that could have turned $50,000 into $2 million! This guide is valued at $199. Yours for only $1!    

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