As gold enters a new long-term bull market…
THIS is how you could get rich…


The little-known investment that can give you up to NINE TIMES more profit than buying gold coins, ETFs or bullion



Dear Friend,

Gold is flying!

The yellow metal is up off the canvas and has recently hit seven-year highs…

And over the past 12 months, gold has tripled the return of the S&P 500, the Dow Jones and even the outperforming Nasdaq.

But you haven’t seen anything yet.

I believe this is just the beginning of gold’s rise.

And in the next few moments, I’ll reveal how to make up to NINE TIMES more profit than buying gold coins, ETFs or bullion as the spot price continues to soar.

That means for every $1 the average investor makes in gold… you could make $9!

Follow my guidance and you could grow extremely rich.

Possibly even a millionaire.

I’ll show you exactly how it’s possible by investing in what I call “A9 Gold Stocks.”

These aren’t your typical gold stocks.

They’re a very specific type of gold mining company that can HUGELY outperform the gold price.

When the gold price goes up…
these stocks can go WAY up

Let me show you what I mean…

During the last gold bull market, the spot price soared from just $350 to nearly $2,000.

That means if you had bought gold in a standard way, you could have made 513%.

That’s nothing to sneeze at.

And I’m not saying buying bullion, coins or ETFs is a bad idea.

Yet if you had been able to identify top-performing A9 Gold Stocks at the beginning of the last bull market, you could have made staggering gains.

Like 2,160%, 2,225%... and even 4,558%.

That’s up to NINE TIMES the gains
of the underlying move in gold

A small $2,000 stake could have made you nearly $100,000.

And a $20k stake could have made you close to $1 million.

Of course, these examples I’m sharing are rare and exceptional. And all investments carry risk.

Yet I believe this is the best chance for ordinary folks to get rich in financial markets today.

And think about it…

What would you do with a million dollars?

Maybe you’d buy a new home with a decked out man cave?

A new Ford F150 with all the options?

Or perhaps you’d take care of college for your kids or grandkids?

Of course, even if you put in a smaller amount — say $500 — you still could have walked away with more than $23,000.

Here’s my point:

If you got into A9 Gold Stocks the last time gold entered a bull market, you could have made an absolute fortune.

I believe this time will be no different.

Except that this coming gold bull market could be even bigger than the last.

The gold price could easily hit
$10,000 an ounce

The math is simple.

If the gold price rallies 513% like it did during its last bull market — the price is guaranteed to hit near $10,000.

I’ll prove why I believe that’s almost inevitable in just a moment.

Of course, most mainstream analysts will call this prediction nuts…

You’ll probably see them cheering for the downfall of gold with every bump we have on the way to $10,000.

For example, Bloomberg contributor and long-time gold skeptic Barry Ritholz asked if gold could “die out” with the boomer generation…

I don’t listen to people like this.

And neither should you.

Any dip you see in the gold price from here — whether it’s $10, $20 or even $100 — should be considered a buying opportunity.

This is how smart investors think.

In fact, many of the greatest investors in the world are speaking up about gold.

Hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones recently said gold was his #1 investment right now…


Ray Dalio — the billionaire who runs the largest hedge fund in the world… and a man The New Yorker says has “an uncanny ability to anticipate economic trends” — said that in the current environment…

Sam Zell — 77-year-old real estate billionaire — found the case for gold so compelling that he made this incredible statement in 2019…

But that’s not even the most incredible endorsement of gold’s potential right now:

Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris recently put HALF of his $5.7 billion fortune into the yellow metal!

And the folks at Crescat Capital — the third-best performing hedge fund in the world for 2018 — said that buying gold could be part of…

The “trade of the century” … that’s a remarkable statement.

That’s why the smart money is supporting gold now before it really gets going.

You can join them.

You see, I have my eyes on not one…

Not two…

But THREE A9 Gold Stocks that could boost your gold gains by up to NINE TIMES as the spot price potentially hits $10,000 an ounce.

I’ll give you the details shortly, including how you can get their ticker symbols.

You must move quickly though.

As I’ll show you, the opportunity to get into A9 Gold Stocks at these kinds of prices only comes at the beginning of a long-term gold bull market.

That makes them extremely rare.

In fact, you’ve only had two chances in the last 45 years, see here…

And my analysis tells me your window is about to shut.

So please read every word of this presentation right now and prepare yourself to take action.

If you don’t, you’ll probably kick yourself for the next decade as you watch the price of gold soar… wondering what could have been.

Of course, you might be wondering why you should listen to me.

So let me introduce myself.

My name is Adam O’Dell.

I’m what’s called a Chartered Market Technician, or CMT.

It means I’m like a Navy SEAL at
making money in the markets

Of the 6.3 million people working in financial services in America today… just .1% have qualified as a CMT.

That’s the top 1% of the top 1%!

And like a Navy SEAL is exclusively trained to protect our country, I’ve been trained to find profitable investments.

I stand ready with technical tools that can help me profit in any kind of market… across any asset… with any type of investment.

In the past, these skills were used by investment banks and Fortune 500 financial companies.

But I’ve left that world behind.

Today, like the SEALs, I go to work for the American people… to show the day-to-day heroes of America how to put more money in their pockets...

Not corporate fat cats and the rich elite.

Of course, what really sets me apart as a CMT is the huge profit opportunities I can deliver.

For example, a trading system I launched in 2012 has helped me smash the returns of the greatest investor in history, Warren Buffett.

And the S&P 500?

It’s crushed it for the last seven years.

In fact, the 194 trades I’ve recommended with this system have averaged a gain of 12% (over a hold time of 70 days)… that’s an incredible 78% gain on an annualized basis!

Plus my followers have had the chance to bank exceptional gains as high as 336%, 407% and 432%.

But let me break down what this means:

If you’d placed just $50k into the recommendations I made with this system, both open and closed, and followed my allocation strategy… you’d almost be a multimillionaire by now.

Take a look…

This shows the power of taking the right active approach to investing compared to buying and holding an index like the S&P.

What’s more, this isn’t the only market-beating system I’ve used to recommend stocks for my readers.

A second system I designed has helped me trounce the market by 2.4X since it launched in 2016!

Check it out…

By the way, these aren’t hypothetical gains based on back tests or a cherry-picked selection of my best trades.

These are REAL results, like those my followers across my various services have taken to the bank…

For nearly a decade, I’ve proven that I can crush the market in more ways than one… and help anybody who follows me become far richer.

In short…

My track record puts me among the best stock pickers and research analysts in the world

Yet outside of my small circle of followers I’m almost completely unknown.

And that suits me fine.

I like to keep a low profile.

You won’t see me on CNBC, CNN or Fox Business… and I have no interest in making a name for myself on Wall Street.

West Virginia, Route 10 –
The road in and out of my hometown

I don’t care about fame.

I grew up in Huntington, West Virginia… a small town of less than 50,000 people.

My grandparents were blue-collar folk…

Factory workers who came to America with nothing and worked hard to make a life for themselves.

I’m extremely thankful they did.

Thanks to their effort I was able to grow up in the land of opportunity…

I was able to work hard to make it to a fancy college…

And I was even able to get an MBA along with my CMT. Yet due to my grassroots upbringing, I’ve never had much in common with the “Ivy Leaguers” and TV celebrities.

As soon as I could get away from all these people, I did… moving to my dream home near the Florida Keys.

I work from my home office.

And I start my day at the crack of dawn with one thing on my mind — finding massive profit opportunities for my readers.

As I said, I will go anywhere to find them.

That’s why I have my eyes trained on the gold market right now.

It’s not that I’m a gold bug.

In fact, I don’t often recommend precious metals investments.

It’s as simple as this:

I want to find the absolute best moneymaking opportunity the markets have to offer at any given point.

And that’s where A9 Gold Stocks come in.

I believe this is the best place you can be right now to make the most money ANYWHERE across financial markets.

In short: A9 Gold Stocks could hand you bigger profits than any trade I’ve ever recommended in my entire career.

They could 9X your gold gains in what I expect to be the greatest gold bull market in history.

That means for every $1 average investors make in this gold rally… you could be making $9!

Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed in the markets, but there are some things we can be more confident about than others…

And along with many of the smartest investors in the world, I’m INCREDIBLY confident gold has finally entered a new long-term bull market…

And that can only mean one thing:

Gold is on its way to staggering new highs…
up to $10,000/ounce

Now, to most people, $10,000 gold sounds nuts.

But each gold bull market of the past ended with new highs far exceeding anything people expected when they started.

For example…

At the beginning of the gold bull market in 1970, gold was trading at just $35.

You would have been called crazy if you said gold would hit a high of $843 by 1980.

But that’s exactly what happened.

All up, gold soared 2,200% over ten years.

It was the same story in 2001.

When gold was trading at $350 an ounce… most people couldn’t imagine the spot price climbing to near $2,000 by 2011.

But again, that’s exactly what happened.

Gold shot up 513% over ten years…

With A9 Gold Stocks hitting gains as high as 4,558%.

That’s enough to turn $2,000 into $100,000.

Or $10k into nearly half a million dollars.

Or a $20k stake into just shy of a million dollars!

Now, these are exceptional gains that don’t come around every day.

But you can probably see where I’m going with this…

I believe the same thing is happening in the gold market right now.

Most people don’t think gold $10,000 is a possibility.

Yet as I said earlier, if this gold bull market simply makes the same 513% gain as the last one… a gold price of near $10,000 is almost guaranteed.

And even that might be conservative.

But you’re probably wondering…

How can we be so confident that gold has entered a new long-term bull market?

Well, because the exact same indicator that tipped investors off to the last two gold bull markets is telling smart investors “it’s time to buy gold”!

Take a look at this chart…

This shows the ratio of the Dow Jones index versus gold all the way back to 1915.

It basically tells you how U.S. stocks are performing compared to the shiny yellow stuff.

If this ratio is going up, stocks are doing great relative to gold.

And if it’s going down, it’s just the opposite… stocks are going down compared to gold.

In short: The red lines on the graph show bull markets in stocks.

The green lines show bull markets in gold.

Now take a look at the end of the chart, here:

What can you see?

The beginning of a new green line.

That means the Dow-to-gold ratio has recently reversed from an uptrend into a downtrend.

And this marks the start of a gold bull market so reliably I believe you could set your watch to it.

Here it is happening in the 1970s…

Here it is happening in the 2000s…

And here is a closer look of it happening today…

The exciting part is that the green line has only just begun… which means gold’s recent rally to seven-year highs could be just the beginning.

The gold bull markets of the 1970s and 2000s reached their peak when the Dow-to-gold ratio hit around five.

I expect it will be the same this time.

But seeing as we’re nowhere near that point now… I believe there’s a LOT more money to be made.

Now, history is never a guarantee of the future…

But an indicator like this is as close to having an oracle in the markets as you’re ever going to get.

Mark my words…

This gold bull market is poised to be one for the ages.

That means you could make incredible gains simply by buying gold bullion, coins or an ETF.

But if you want a shot at the kind of returns that could truly change your life…

I’m talking potential million-dollar gains…

Then A9 Gold Stocks could be your ticket.

But you must act now.

There’s only a short window where you can get these rare investments while they’re still cheap… and potentially get paid up to 9X the move in the gold spot price.

That means for every $1 average investors make in gold… you could be making $9!

Of course, all investments carry risk and mining can be a volatile sector.

So you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But like famous billionaire hedge fund managers Paul Tudor Jones and Ray Dalio, I don’t see gold going down from here.

I see it roaring higher.

With A9 Gold Stocks representing the perfect opportunity to maximize your gains as gold potentially hits $10,000.

Yet you’re probably wondering…

What exactly are A9 Gold Stocks?

As I said, they’re a rare breed of mining stock that can massively outperform the gold price.

And there are three rules to finding them.

Here’s the first…

RULE #1:

A9 Gold Stocks must be found in a gold market showing strong, positive momentum.

This is something that sets me apart from most experts.

I only ever recommend buying investments that are already trending higher.

That means I never try to pick the bottom.

In fact, I stay away from stocks that are in a downtrend entirely.

I only want investments that are showing strong, positive momentum.

This is commonly called “momentum investing.”

In short: Instead of trying to “buy low and sell high” like most investors… our strategy is to “buy high and sell higher.”

This is one the secrets behind why my followers can make so much money.

A study from UCLA discovered that when executed properly…

Paul Tudor Jones — perhaps the greatest hedge fund manager of our generation — credits much of his $5.1 billion fortune to momentum investing…

With billionaire hedge fund manager Richard Driefaus also counting momentum investing as his secret weapon…

In short: Momentum investing works.

It’s my trump card for getting into the gold market at exactly the right time

Think about it…

Investors have been trying to pick the bottom in gold for nearly a decade while it was in a massive downtrend.

And they missed it each time.

A momentum approach means we don’t try to pick the bottom.

We wait until the gold price is in a solid uptrend… marked by a succession of higher highs and higher lows.

You can see those marked out on this chart below.

Once the trend is confirmed, we know gold is poised to soar… with A9 Gold Stocks potentially handing you more than 4,000% gains in this new bull market…

RULE #2:

A9 Gold Stocks must have an Alpha Ratio of at least 4X compared to the gold price

Here’s what this means: The difference between a standard mining stock and a A9 Gold Stock is their relationship to the gold price.

A standard miner can provide some “alpha” … or performance above what you’d get in bullion, coins or a gold ETF.

But an A9 Gold Stock is different.

As I said, when the gold price climbs, these rare miners can go WAY up.

What’s more, they begin outperforming the gold price very early on during a gold bull market.

And that’s how I identify them…

Using something I call the G.A.R or “Gold Alpha Ratio.”

So what is it exactly?

The G.A.R. is the rise in the price of a gold-mining stock versus the rise in gold.

It tells you exactly how much more money you stand to make buying a gold stock versus buying physical gold. You calculate it like this...

Rise in mining stock
Rise in gold price

A9 Gold Stocks are those that show a G.A.R of 4… all the way up to 9.

That’s why I call them A9 Gold Stocks… short for alpha-9.

In just a moment, I’ll give you the details of the three incredible A9 Gold Stocks I’ve got my eye on.

First, let’s get to rule three.

RULE #3:

A9 Gold Stocks must have solid fundamentals — with great management and huge gold reserves

Just because I’m a momentum investor doesn’t mean I don’t look at fundamentals, especially in this case.

It’s no use to buy a stock that outperforms gold but is poorly managed.

It could be a flash in the pan that crashes just as fast as it climbs.

That’s why an A9 Gold Stock must have…

      ● Solid financials

      ● Sound management with a long history of profitability

      ● And a full pipeline of promising mining projects stretching into the future

That way, their ability to leverage the gold price remains throughout the life of the gold bull market…

It’s as Paul Tudor Jones says…

“The sweet spot is when you find something with a compelling valuation that is also just beginning to move up. That’s every investor’s dream.”

When that happens, you can make a life-changing fortune.

And that’s where we’re at with A9 Gold Stocks right now.

This is why I’m so excited about the incredible moneymaking opportunity you have before you.

If history repeats, your gains could be astronomical.

Here’s what I mean…

Below you can see the returns you could have got in gold during its last bull market… alongside standard mining stocks… and finally A9 Gold Stocks.

The outperformance of the A9 Gold Stocks is simply incredible.

For every $1 the average investor made in gold… A9 Gold Stock owners had the opportunity to make up to $9.

I believe the same thing will happen again.

And if you have the details of the A9 Gold Stocks I’ve got my eye on, you could reap the benefits.

So let me tell you about these incredible companies.

The first company began trading back in 1987.

That means they’ve been doing business for 37 years — through multiple gold booms and busts!

That’s confidence-inspiring continuity for a business in a sector like mining.

Unsurprisingly, this company is now a top five gold producer in the world with interests around the globe.

They have 15 mines on five continents — and a double-digit explosion in their gold reserves right at the time when gold is poised to soar.

The most exciting part is the leverage this company shows to the gold price right now.

Even though it’s a large established miner, its Gold Alpha Ratio has been as high as 5 during this rally … and could easily accelerate past 9.

It just goes to show you don’t need to buy risky microcap miners to make HUGE gains in gold.

Of course, this company’s run could just be getting started.

If the gold price climbs to $10,000, this company could make you 5,000% or more … if you get it now.

In fact...

This first A9 Gold Stock could easily make you a millionaire from a small stake…

And the second A9 Gold Stock is just as exciting.

Once again, this company has a focus on longevity and sound management.

They were founded in Canada over 70 years ago.

From there, they’ve expanded their interests to the U.S. and Argentina — and have a combined proven and probable reserve of 2.1 million ounces.

Let me put that into context.

At current prices, that’s worth more than $3 billion…

But if the gold price reaches $10,000 — that gold would be worth $21 billion.

That’s a whole lot of gold.

It’s probably why they have also showed an incredible G.A.R. at the beginning of this gold bull market.

It’s already been as high as 4 during gold’s recent rally!

That’s why your gains on this one could be worth 2,340% or more.

In fact…

This second A9 Gold Stock could add another million dollars to your net worth…

And like the other two companies, the final company has all the incredible qualities of a A9 Gold Stock…

Firstly, it’s showing an incredible outperformance versus gold — with a G.A.R. as high as 3.6 already over the last 12 months as gold has been rallying.

Next, they have a history of sound management.

They have been digging gold out of the ground since 1957 — which means they’ve worked through multiple gold booms and busts.

And they’ve declared a cash dividend every year since 1983 — a rare feat for any mining company.

That can only happen with a tight focus on shareholder value.

But most importantly: This company has incredible gold reserves, so they’re set to be a prominent player for the length of this bull market.

Their proven and probable reserves sit at nearly 20 million ounces.

Thanks in part to their ownership in the largest operating gold mine in Canada…

This project is moving 55,000 tons of rock every single day to get at the rich veins of gold that litter this site.

To put that into perspective, that is considerably more than the weight of the Titanic.

And they’re doing that day after day.

That’s why they were able to produce 669,000 ounces of gold in 2019.

That’s over $1 billion worth. In short: This company is poised to rocket higher as gold potentially soars to $10,000…

And if you get in now, you could make hundreds of thousands of dollars or more… from just a modest stake.

In fact…

You could easily turn a modest stake in A9 Gold Stocks into a million dollars or more...

A “golden millionaire.”

It has a nice ring to it.

Of course, no one knows exactly when this gold bull market will reach its peak. It could shoot up to a furious top over the next few months…

Or it may take some years to fully develop.

But for the greatest profit potential it’s imperative that you buy into A9 Gold Stocks as soon as possible.

Why not this afternoon? As I said, I have my eye on three A9 Gold Stocks ready to soar.

When gold soars up to $10,000, they could hand you up to nine times the returns you could get in retail gold.

Meaning: These three stocks could literally be the buys of the decade.

And I want to give you all the details today FREE (when you purchase a risk-free trial subscription to my newsletter):

      ● Their ticker symbols...

      ● How each one could make you up to 9X the gains of gold itself...

      ● My recommended buy-up-to price…

      ● When to sell for maximum potential profits…

      ● Everything!

If you decide these stocks are right for you based off this information, you’ll be able to log into your online brokerage account and snap them up immediately.

Remember, investing always carries risk, so don’t bet the farm.

But imagine…

When the greatest gold bull market in history really gets going, watching the money in your trading account pile up as your A9 Gold Stocks make up to 9X the gains of the underlying move.

This is the opportunity you have in front of you today.

And you can grab it with both hands, right now.

I’ve compiled all the information about these investment stocks into a FREE report titled A9 Gold Stocks: Boost Your Gains by NINE TIMES During the Greatest Gold Rally in History.

This report is simple and easy to read.

You can consume it in minutes and get trading straight away, if you wish.

Best of all, you can claim it for FREE.

But that’s not all I want to give you today when you take a trial subscription.

I’ll also send you...

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If you know the precious metals market — you already know that gold and silver move together.

They might be the most correlated assets in all of financial markets. It is often said: “Where gold goes, silver follows.” This has been the case for 5,000 years. And is still true now, as you can see from this chart below.

It shows the how closely gold and silver prices have tracked from 1970 to the present day.

So what does this mean? I believe silver has also just entered a new LONG-TERM bull market.

My prediction is that it could easily hit $100 an ounce.

That’s almost six times higher than it is today.

As with gold, that means you could do incredibly well just buying silver bullion, coins… or jumping into a standard silver ETF.

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I’m sure they’ll appreciate how much extra money these tips could make them — just make sure you do it tactfully!

By the way, that makes three bonus reports I want to send you today for FREE…

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