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Hi, this is Adam O’Dell.

In just a minute, you’re going to see a special presentation from me about a strategy I believe is perfect for the chaos in the markets we’re seeing right now.

It’s a strategy designed to take advantage of the volatility in the market. And since it went live in 2016, it’s delivered returns … even while all the gains of the Trump post-election rally have gotten wiped out.

But here’s the thing, I developed this strategy not for a raging bull market like we had when I launched it, but to take advantage of the wild swings we see in the market for several years after a crash.

While we may have seen the top in volatility for this latest crash, it’s going to be quite a while until volatility goes away completely.

Take a look at this chart:

That blue line is the volatility index, or the VIX.

As you can see, it recently hit a peak just under 55 and that sudden spike looks eerily similar to what we saw in late 2008.

Now, look at where we are today…

We may have seen a peak in volatility for now…

And we may even see rising markets overall from here...

But if history is any indication, we’re looking at another several years of above average volatility in the markets.

And for the first time in over a decade, we’re at the very beginning of the kind of market this system was designed for…

Welcome to the 10X Switch.

Look around you right now.

How many switches do you see?

The light switch on the wall … the ones on your computer, cellphone, tablet or TV … maybe the switch that turns on your coffee maker or stereo...

The point is, switches are all around us, all day, every day.

But what if turning just ONE of them on or off could multiply each invested amount as much as 10 times over in as little as five years?

You wouldn’t have to do anything except flip the switch in either direction precisely when told to.

And if you continued to do that whenever you were told to, you could transform every one of these…

Into one of these.

With hardly any other work required!

Skeptical? I would be too.

But today, I’m going to show you proven research that flipping what I call the “10X Switch” can do exactly that.

In fact, our combination of a back test and live data shows that especially during periods of high volatility it could…

Multiply your money 10 times over in as little as five years…

Turning $1 into $10…

$1,000 into $10,000…

$10,000 into $100,000…

Or even $100,000 into $1 million!

And the best part? You can make money whether the Switch is on OR off!

You can even use the 10X Switch to completely transform the way you look at investing … I’ll tell you how in a moment.

I’ll also show you how you can use the Switch to hedge any portfolio to protect yourself from the next market crash!

And the best part about the 10X Switch is that it’s specifically designed to eliminate as much risk to your money as humanly possible.

In fact, the 10X Switch is so easy to use and profit from, I guarantee you’ll have all the tools you need to potentially make a profit in the first year if you get in before we close this offer.

I’ll tell you more about that guarantee a little later, but first, let me show you the black-and-white proof that the 10X Switch can show you how to potentially generate profits in any type of market.

Jeff Yastine

I personally spent two years running a back test on the 10X Switch on over a decade of data ... all the way back to 2006.

I’ve been sharing “live” signals with a small group of readers since December 2016. And during that time, the 10X Switch has outperformed the S&P 500 3-to-1.

This extensive analysis has shown that if you had started using the Switch in ANY RANDOM MONTH going all the way back to June 2006 and then continued the strategy for five years… you would have made money in every instance when it was all said and done!

And I’m not talking about making just a little bit of money…

My back test revealed that during periods of high volatility the Switch showed the power to offer an average return of 56% … a two-year rolling return of 131% ... and an average five-year rolling return of 749%.

That’s enough to turn an initial investment of $10,000 into $15,600 in just one year with a profit of $5,600 … $15,600 into $36,036 with a profit of $20,436 in two years … and $36,036 into $305,946 over five years with a profit of $269,910 by simply following my specific recommendations!

On top of that, just flipping the 10X Switch on or off when alerted could have resulted in you outperforming the S&P 500 by a whopping 40-to-1 advantage since 2006!

Look at what I mean…

With the 10-year bull market finally crashing to a halt in early 2020, we’re entering the periods the 10X Switch was designed for.

While the Switch is designed to pick up small gains in most years as the market moves around like normal…

Eighty percent of the long-term gains are collected during periods of high volatility like we’re entering now.

So, it makes sense to look back at 2007 — the first full year of my back test and the “top” of Wall Street’s last great bull market…

During that year, the 10X Switch flipped “on” and “off” a total of 24 times, or just twice a month…

And yet, you could have seen your account grow by an additional 204.5% compared to just 3.5% for the S&P 500!

Over the past 14 years, the 10X Switch flipped between on and off a total of 210 times … that’s an average of only about 15 per year … or roughly once a month.

And yet, had you timed it right and consistently made the trades that corresponded to each flip of the Switch, you could have seen a five years of gains with only a small amount of effort!

Now, I know they’re hard to see here because the gains are so small, but the red bars on this chart represent the gains during the same five-year period if you followed a “buy-and-hold” strategy with the S&P 500…

Let’s zoom in and look at the highest five-year period for the S&P 500, which would have resulted in a net gain of 151%.

The timing of that particular high is notable…

Because, you would have had to guess perfectly and bought when the market hit rock bottom in March of 2009 to book a solid return from the market.

But had you invested in the S&P 500 during virtually any other time between 2005 and 2009, you would have been lucky to break even with a five-year buy-and-hold strategy.

Let me zoom in again and show you…

Now, the reason they’re so hard to see on the chart is because those small red bars show the minuscule gains, and even losses, you would have gotten by buying and holding the S&P 500 for five years.

Meanwhile, the green bars represent the five-year gains based on my back test of the 10X Switch, which I’ll reveal to you shortly.

As you can see, every single green bar shows a positive gain…

With the smallest gain still a whopping 92%.

And the largest gain a massive 2,281%!

But that’s just one example.

And to be clear, THIS, and all of the gains I’m telling you about today are average gains, made up of both winning and losing trades. No investing strategy is perfect, and all investing carries risk.

My goal with the 10X Switch is to capture enough of the big moves in the market to offset the losing trades over a longer period of time…

And considering that every single five-year period I’ve looked at since 2006 generated a positive return…

The potential of the 10X Switch is clear.

Let me walk you through a couple more from my historical analysis, just so it’s clear what I’m showing you here.

Here’s my first example…

Let’s say you decided to buy stocks while markets were still rallying in 2006, just one year before the Great Recession began…

Over the following five years, buying and holding the S&P 500 would have resulted in a 11% loss as you dealt with a nearly 50% market meltdown and the early stages of the recovery.

But by using the 10X Switch, you could have rolled every $10,000 invested in the recommended positions into $197,442 over the course of five years for a profit of $187,442 — despite one of the greatest market crashes in history.

Now let’s take a look at the next example.

I already told you how well you could have done with the S&P 500 if you were lucky enough to buy in near the 2009 bottom … but how does that approach compare to using my 10X Switch?

Buying and holding the S&P 500 would have given you a 113% gain … turning every $10,000 invested into about $21,322 for a profit of $11,322…

Or you could have used the 10X Switch … for a five-year total gain of 1,452%. That can turn every $10,000 invested into a potential profit of $145,193 … a total of $155,193 over that five-year period!

And what about a five-year period as markets surged to all-time highs?

There’s no denying investors have had a great run since 2013, thanks in part to the so-called Trump rally that propelled the S&P 500 to new heights from 2016 to 2019…

And yet, the 10X Switch still blows a buy-and-hold strategy out of the water…

A five-year buy-and-hold strategy on the S&P 500 ending after the first half of 2018 would have generated an average gain of 67.1% … adding $6,710 to a $10,000 portfolio over the course of those five years.

Meanwhile, if you had used the 10X Switch, my back testing shows you could have pocketed an average gain of 309.7%, turning that same $10,000 portfolio into over $40,970 with a $30,970 profit by following the recommendations I provide.

In other words, you could have used a strategy designed to take advantage of high volatility to make almost FIVE TIMES MORE than you could have riding one of the strongest bull markets in history.

And if you plan to buy and hold the S&P 500, you’d better hold for more than five years!

In fact, nearly 20% of the time … a five-year buy and hold on the S&P 500 resulted in NET LOSSES!

This is primarily because of the Great Recession of 2008 … which means every strategy should have suffered, right?


I just proved to you that my 10X Switch strategy would have generated a positive five-year return 100% of the time, even if you bought at the top just before the market rolled over in 2008!

Even more remarkable is that the lowest five-year gain of 92% was still higher than each and every one of the five-year periods for the S&P 500.

And to get the best results with the S&P, you had to buy at or near the bottom in 2009.

But the thorough back test of my 10X Switch strategy periods of high volatility shows it would have generated a positive five-year return 100% of the time, even if you bought at the top!

Keep in mind that past performance is not a guarantee of future results, but the potential here is clear.

It’s incredible, really.

And as confident as I was in the Switch when I developed and started testing it, I was actually shocked when I saw just how high the returns could have been.

But before I tell you any more about the 10X Switch, let me tell you a little more about myself.

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Adam O’Dell. I’m the chief investment strategist at Money & Markets.

Around the office, I’m known as “the math guy” for my ability to analyze market data and identify major stock moves.

It doesn’t hurt that I have a math and science background, having first attended medical school at West Virginia University before deciding to tackle the world of investing.

Back in 2011, I left a high-paying job consulting for some of the world’s wealthiest people to help Main Street Americans instead.

And that’s exactly what led me to the 10X Switch…

An easy-to-use strategy that allows you to trade two simple positions that trade just like stocks!

You don’t need options. We don’t trade sectors. And we don’t cherry-pick individual stocks.

What makes my 10X Switch strategy so easy is that it doesn’t require you to try to pick 2% stocks or options that might go up…

It doesn’t require you to take unnecessary risks picking penny stocks, growth stocks or emerging markets…

And it only requires you to follow two simple instructions…

On or off.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here ... I’ll tell you exact details on what two positions I’m recommending in just a moment.

But first, let me tell you why we won’t be trying to hit it big with stocks.

Now I’m not against picking individual stocks.

It is possible to bank big gains cherry-picking companies you think will go up.

But do you realize how hard it is to multiply your money by 10 times in as little as five years with stocks?

The dirty truth about finding 10X stocks is that they don’t come along that often.

Using my historical database, I found that only about 7% of all stocks have returned a 10X gain or more in five years.

What’s more, the stocks that have actually returned 10 times their value had to be bought at rare and opportune times … like the market bottoms in 2002 and 2009.

Consider Apple…

If you look at rolling five-year returns of Apple, you could have had 17 different months when you bought Apple, then held for five years and multiplied your money by 10X.

But nearly all those entry points were clustered in 2002, with a few in 2004.

In other words, as good as Apple has been for investors … you would have needed to be incredibly lucky to pick the perfect time to buy and make 10 times your money in just five years.

The same can be said for Netflix … Amazon … Google … and any other high-flying stock.

Let’s be honest … most investors did NOT get into these companies at the absolute perfect time to multiply their money 10 times over.

I know I certainly didn’t.

Trying to find “the next Apple” — like so many other experts suggest — is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

And more often than not — 93% of the time, based on my analysis — the needle stays buried.

OK, so if not stock picking, what about Warren Buffett’s strategy of buying and holding?

Well, the first thing to keep in mind is that Mr. Buffett’s recommended hold time is “forever.”

And most investors simply aren’t that patient.

I’ve already shown you that even if you shoot for a shorter, five-year holding period, you must pick the absolute bottom of a major market crash or capture one heck of a bull market to make even a 50% profit over a five-year period.

So, let’s see…

Become a millionaire in 45 years while being jerked around by volatility? Um … no thanks.

Become a millionaire in a little more than 10 years by in investing $10,000 during times of potentially high volatility? Hell yeah!

That’s why I want to show you a better way.

It’s not easy investing in today’s environment…

We’ve got access to markets all around the world…

We can buy stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), options … literally thousands of different things to invest in and hundreds of different strategies to keep track of.

And once you do find something to invest in, you must still decide when to buy and when to sell … and get the timing darn near perfect.

That’s why my goal with the 10X Switch was to find the safest and simplest way to play the market in both good times and bad.

And I succeeded.

With the 10x Switch, I have found the safest and simplest way to play the market in both good times and bad.

I found a way to trade that is so easy, it’s literally like flipping a switch…

You’re either in “Risk ON” mode or “Risk OFF” mode.

That’s it. Like flipping a switch.

Now, I told you earlier that I’m a math guy.

To be more specific, I’m a Chartered Market Technician — one of only about 4,500 analysts worldwide certified in technical trading and charting.

If you know anything about charting, you’ve probably heard of Bollinger Bands.

If you haven’t … don’t worry. You won’t need Bollinger Bands to use the 10X Switch.

But, simply put, they’re moving average curves that factor in the volatility of a stock. They help traders determine if it’s overbought or oversold.

When stocks hit their Bollinger Bands, they often bounce back into the trading range.

Invented by famed market analyst John Bollinger, they’re pretty handy for a trader.

But I’m interested more in something he once said… “High volatility follows low volatility… and low volatility follows high volatility.”

You see, Bollinger observed that market volatility is cyclical — it can never go up forever or down forever.

It simply cycles back and forth between “booms” and “busts.”

And folks who can play BOTH sides of the market — the BOOMS and the BUSTS — can potentially make a lot of money…

Now let me show you the secret trade behind the 10x switch.

There’s no better judge of what we call “investor sentiment” than the Volatility Index, or VIX for short— also known as the “fear gauge.”

That’s because investors are motivated by two things only … fear and greed.

It’s really that simple.

When stocks are rising and investors are happy, volatility is low.

And when uncertainty starts to creep in and markets turn lower, the fear gauge spikes, sometimes dramatically.

Unlike the S&P 500, the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the Nasdaq — which are driven by a basket of stocks — volatility is driven by one thing only … investor sentiment.

And because of this laser focus, when the volatility moves … it usually does so … in a BIG way.

For example, on an otherwise sleepy day in May 2017, both the Dow and the S&P 500 suffered a quick 2% drop due to uncertainty about the Trump agenda.

But while the stock markets only moved a couple percent, the VIX shot up nearly 50%.

Political scandals … terrorism fears … natural disasters … major corporate failures … global pandemics…

Any and all of these events can spike volatility in the market in the blink of an eye.

Capture just a couple of those moves a year, and you’re well on your way to doubling or even tripling your money each year.

Do that consistently year after year, and multiplying your money by 10 times becomes as easy as flipping a switch.

If you pay attention to CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal or any of other media outlets devoted to investing, you’ve probably heard them talking about the risk trade.

When investors are confident in the economy and the markets, they’re willing to take on more risk and invest more aggressively.

This is what we call flipping the 10X Switch to “Risk ON.”

And when politics gets murky, the economy gets jittery and investors get nervous, they’ll often remove money from the markets … the Switch moves to “Risk OFF.”

Now, since volatility measures investor sentiment, we can use it as a signal for when the market is in Risk ON mode versus Risk OFF mode.

And that’s how you can use the 10X Switch to make money as the market goes both up AND down.

When investors are confident and we get the all-clear signal, the Switch moves to Risk ON and my recommendation focuses on investing for lower volatility and higher stock returns ahead…

And when uncertainty reenters the market, the Switch moves to Risk OFF … my recommendation looks to profit from a surge in volatility.

It’s that simple.

Two positions.

Risk ON.

Risk OFF.

Giving you the chance to make as much as 10 times your money in as little as five years flipping it back and forth.

Now, let me tell you exactly how you’ll have the chance to flip the 10X Switch for yourself...

As I mentioned, volatility is most often tracked with the VIX.

It uses investor behavior in the options market to gauge how confident or fearful they are for the month ahead.

Now, the VIX is a contrarian indicator. So, when it’s low and investors are calm, a turn higher indicates a fearful market about to head lower.

Conversely, when the VIX is very high and fear is at a peak, any turn lower is a bullish sign that stability is on its way back to the markets.

Let’s look at an example:

It’s clear from the circles on the chart that when the VIX hits a bottom and bounces higher, the market tends to drop…

And the opposite is also true, with the market surging higher when the VIX hits a peak and then rolls over.

So, what it comes down to is this…

We can either try to predict the moves of thousands of individual stocks — each with its own unique drivers — and hopefully make a profit on some of them…

Or we can predict, with much greater accuracy, shifts in the fear index and potentially pocket gains of 10%, 50%, even 100% or more as the market changes between periods of BOOM and BUST over the course of five years.

To do that, we’re going to use the 10X Switch … which requires just two simple ETFs — one for Risk ON and one for Risk OFF!

And to be clear, these are available in any brokerage account, to any investor, no matter how much you have to invest.

When the 10X Switch is in Risk ON mode, we can trade a Risk ON ETF, which tends to go higher as volatility is going lower.

Both ETFs we use with the 10X Switch trade more than $1 billion a day … meaning there’s plenty of liquidity, allowing you to quickly get in and out of positions.

Here’s how we’ll do it…

When markets are in Risk OFF mode and we expect trouble ahead, we’ll buy a “long volatility” ETF … with the symbol VXX.

And when markets are in Risk ON mode and we expect a BOOM time for stocks … we’ll buy a leveraged, diversified stock ETF … with the symbol QLD.

Let me state that again … using the 10X Switch strategy only requires you to invest in one of just TWO positions…

When the Switch is in Risk OFF mode, you’ll buy VXX…

And when the Switch is in Risk ON mode, you’ll buy QLD.

One more thing…

There is no third position. The Switch only goes on or off.

So, you’ll always hold one of these two ETFs. You’ll never be out of the market completely.



One reason is that a small percentage of my recommended trades — those that hit when the VIX makes a major move, either up OR down — will contribute the vast majority of profits.

The key is to be in the right ETF when those moves happen.

But at this point, I know you must be asking…

How do you ACTUALLY do that, Adam?

Easy answer!

Through the uniquely powerful research service I’m introducing today … in which I tell you EXACTLY when to flip the 10X Switch.

The 10X Switch is the key strategy driving my research advisory, Adam O’Dell’s 10X Profits.

I’ve already told you exactly which two positions you’ll be trading … after all, there’s no reason to keep them a secret.

When markets get the all-clear signal and our 10X Switch goes into Risk ON mode, I’ll recommend my readers buy QLD and profit from falling volatility and rising stock prices.


When uncertainty creeps in and the fear gauge starts to glow, I’ll flip the switch to Risk OFF mode and recommend buying VXX.

So, where does my 10X Profits research come into play?

It’s simple. 10X Profits is unlike any other service you may have seen.

While you’ll get regular weekly emails from me, packed with all the investment wisdom I’ve ever learned, 10X Profits is primarily about telling you whether to turn your 10X Switch ON or OFF.

And that means it’ll only take you a few minutes a week to know which trade you should be in and “flip” the Switch.

In theory, it’s that simple.

But what you really get with 10X Profits is the full power of the proprietary computer program I use to crunch daily market data to figure out whether we’re in Risk ON or Risk OFF mode.

Every day, live market data gets fed into my system.

Based on that, I closely monitor daily price movements across the nine major U.S. sectors…

AND I also track the live movements of the top 15 economies in the world, including the U.S., Spain, Germany, Japan, and the UK, and of course China.

Once I have all that data updated, I use my proprietary software to help me analyze the relationships between each of the sectors and each of the global economies.

The result of this analysis tells me whether we go Risk ON or Risk OFF…

Now, don’t worry, you’ll never have to do even a second of the heavy lifting.

That’s all for me and my 10X Profits software to take care of.

All you’ll need to know is this…

If we’re already in the right position, we’ll stay in it.

If not, you’ll get an email before the market opens, telling you to flip the Switch — selling one position and buying the other.

For example, here’s what I sent to actual 10X Profits readers on the afternoon of February 15, 2018:

As you can see, I told my readers to position for a Risk ON market ahead…

The result was decent, as we managed to gain 4.2% by the time our next Switch trade was triggered.

And soon enough, the 10X Switch was signaling “trouble ahead” and recommending our Risk OFF position.

So, on the morning of June 19, my readers got this email from me:

That Risk OFF trade didn’t last all that long … but it netted us a nice profit as sentiment swung too far to the “fear” side of things.

Between June 19 and June 26, shares of VXX climbed 9.6% — netting us a nice, nearly 10% profit in six trading days!

But just as quickly as that “BUST” opportunity came, we got another 10X Switch signal that told us to position for another “BOOM” ahead.

So, on June 26, I sent my readers this email:

We caught that wave of the next BOOM cycle nicely too!

Between June 26 and August 20, shares of QLD gained a solid 9.1%!

Meanwhile, small-cap stocks gained only 1.7% ... and the VIX dropped a whopping 21.5%!

Now, my readers probably thought I was crazy jumping back and forth between Risk ON and Risk OFF positions.

But one thing I’ve learned over the years is to trust my systems…

Especially one that’s been proven, using 12 years of back testing and live data since 2016, to be the easiest and most profitable way I’ve ever seen to trade the booms AND busts in the markets.

Another thing to realize … we aren’t looking to make big gains on every trade.

Instead, we’re looking to be in the right position — Risk ON or Risk OFF — when the market makes a big move in either direction.

And since its inception through August 2020, my 10X Profits system is beating the S&P 500’s return 3-to-1!

Take it from some of our actual readers, who’ve been benefiting from my strategy for the past several years.

Jack T. emailed to tell me he loves the simplicity of the system, saying he’s traded every 10X Switch signal since December 2016 and doesn’t find this investment approach at all challenging.

Greg A. wrote in to let me know this:

And Chris C. emailed me with this note:

Chris is exactly right.

The concept of trading booms and busts IS simple, but finding the right time to flip the Switch is not. That’s exactly why I created 10X Profits.

Jack, Greg and Chris were part of a small group of subscribers we invited to try out this research service.

But other than my 10X Profits readers, there’s nobody else in the world I know of using a simple volatility system like this.

I’ll tell you in a moment how you can be one of this group to flip the 10X Switch and start your path to multiplying your money by 10 times in as little as five years...

But first, let me show you how quickly your account can grow.

Imagine starting with $10,000 and using the 10X Switch beginning back in June 2006.

Here’s what you would have made with the Switch versus the S&P 500 since then…

Now, let me tell you something…

This isn’t a perfect, apples-to-apples comparison.

This table assumes a buy-and-hold strategy for the S&P 500, while the 10X Profits results assume you would have bought and sold VXX and QLD based on every signal and continued to roll your profits and losses into the next trade.

But both strategies assume you get the compounding effect of sticking with the strategy completely and rolling your profits into every trade recommended.

Remember, the goal of this strategy is to make investing simple, with highly profitable with less risk.

Investing all your money into this strategy is probably too risky for most folks…

That’s why I want to tell you about my favorite way to use the 10X Switch.

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that nothing in the market is ever guaranteed, and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose — even my strategy may have its bumps.

But it’s hard to ignore the data I’ve accumulated.

For instance, what if in 2006 you had decided to hedge your portfolio against a potential crash with a small commitment to the 10X Switch?

Let’s look at several hypothetical choices … none applying more than 30% of your portfolio to this hedging strategy:

Just a small, $1,000 allocation to the 10X Switch in a $10,000 portfolio would have added $19,602 to your account.

Increase that hedge to a modest 30%, and you would have boosted your portfolio all the way to $119,867 compared to just $24,247 with the S&P 500.

Think about that for a second…

Adding a simple strategy that would have told you to switch between Risk ON and Risk OFF using two ETFs didn’t just weather the Great Recession…

It would have helped you multiply your money well over 10X (by a factor of 12, actually), despite the drag of having most of your portfolio in the S&P 500.

Whether you want to leverage the 10X Switch to multiply your money by 10 times every 5 to 10 years…

Or as a hedge in your portfolio to help explode through the next market crash…

My 10X Profits research advisory will guide you every step of the way.

As I’ve said several times, I’ve extensively back tested the 10X Switch strategy behind 10X Profits during periods of high volatility over 12 years of data … including “live signals” since December 2016.

And I’ve used my historical analysis to show that over medium- and long-term holding periods, nothing comes close to this strategy in terms of results.

I challenge you to find a single system out there more adaptable and profitable than this.

You could start with $1,000 today and potentially be sitting on $10,000 in 5 years … $100,000 in 10 years … so long as you make each recommended trade.

And without the hassle of trying to find the next Apple, Amazon, Netflix or Google.

As I’ve already said, I don’t know of a single investor on or off Wall Street using a system like this.

That’s why I’m confident I could charge whatever I wanted for this research service.

The 10X Switch is the ultimate hedging strategy.

And clients with a net worth of $15 million … $25 million … even $50 million, who regularly pay $100,000 or more in fees alone, wouldn’t hesitate to fork over $25,000 a year for the 10X Switch.

Even an investor with less than a million-dollar portfolio wouldn’t hesitate to drop $10,000 a year on this service.

Think about it … putting just 10% of a million-dollar portfolio — $100,000 — into this strategy could generate an extra million dollars over the next 5 to 10 years.

But the truth is, I’m not catering to hedge fund clients anymore.

I answer to you...

And I want to make it as easy as possible for you to give the 10X Switch a try for yourself.

That’s why the regular rate for 10X Profits is just $2,495 a year.

That’s an absolute steal considering the potential gains I’ve shown you today.

But I’m going to make this offer even better…

So, as a new member of 10X Profits, you can flip the 10X Switch for just $1,795.

That’s a 30% discount off the regular rate!

But this offer is only going to be open for a limited time.

When you join, you’ll immediately start receiving every alert I send out with clear signals to flip the switch to either Risk ON … or Risk OFF.

Simply follow the recommendations, and you’ll be on your way for the chance to multiply your money as much as 10 times or more over the next five years.

And here’s my personal guarantee… if the 10X Switch track record doesn’t generate a profit in year 1 … you get another year free.

Trading market booms and busts is a balancing act. We need to be nimble, but it also takes patience.

Over the past 14 years, this system would have triggered about 15 trades a year — or a bit more than one trade per month.

We’ve had some weeks with multiple trades.

I refer to these as our whipsaw trades.

I’ll recommend to trade in and out of risk positions as frequently as necessary…

Not to make money on every trade, but to be in the trades so we can capture major market moves.

That means we could go months without making more than a couple percent (or yes, even losing a little bit).

But our current monthly trade average since our first live trade in December 2016 is at 3.4%. Compared to the S&P 500’s 1.1% monthly average during that same span of time, 10X Profits is beating it 3-to-1 since inception!

Not to mention that we could make 10%, 20%, even 50% in a matter of days or weeks.

In one 10X Switch, we managed a gain of 53% in just six days!

That’s just the nature of trading booms and busts.

And that’s why it’s critical to commit to the 10X Switch strategy for more than a couple months.

If you can’t make a one-year commitment to learn how to multiply your money by 10 times, then frankly, I’d rather you pass on this offer.

But if you’re ready to start flipping the Switch for yourself, then I’d love for you to try 10X Profits for the next full year…

Learn the inner workings of the strategy, even make every trade just as the signals indicate — Risk ON (buy QLD) or Risk OFF (buy VXX).

Then, after that year, if our track record doesn’t show a profit with this strategy, I’ll give you a second year absolutely FREE.

Remember, that’s a $1,795 value … for which you’ll pay nothing at all.

Why is this second year important?

Well, because through 14 years of back testing and live results, I’ve only seen two calendar years when the strategy delivered a one-year loss.

And in both cases, the second year more than compensated.

So, what I’m guaranteeing you is that if you just happen to join me during a rare down year, I’ll give you the second year at no cost.

And I’m confident this second year will more than make up for it because as my back tests show … the 10X Switchworks best the longer it is implemented, as I’ve highlighted numerous times above.

Just consider an earlier example, where the back test saw gains of 35% in the first year, followed by a loss of -22% the third year… a 13% gain is tough over three years — a profit of $1,300 with a $10,000 investment.

But that -22% loss was washed by a 209% gain the second year and 137% the fourth year! So, a long-term investment in the 10X Switch offers long-term profitability!

And I’ve explained exactly how the 10X Switch works … using my proprietary system to take a Risk ON or Risk OFF position with two simple ETFs.

I’ve told you exactly what two positions I’ll recommend to trade in and out of every time the Switch is flipped — VXX for Risk OFF mode and QLD for Risk ON mode.

I’ve proven to you that when you use this strategy over a period of several years, my historical back tests during periods of high volatility show it’s practically impossible to lose money…

And I’ve shown that you could have started this strategy in any random month since June 2006, and you would have had a 100% chance of a net profit in every five-year window…

While outperforming a buy-and-hold strategy on the S&P 500 between June 2006 and March 2020.

And the Switch could give you the power to continually grow your money over the course of five years!

I’ve also offered you a big discount on a one-year 10X Profits membership…

And finally, I’m guaranteeing that this strategy will make a profit in year one or you get a second year free.

Remember, 14 years of back testing during periods of high volatility and live results show this system has never recorded a loss over a two-year period … so this second year gives you a great chance to make money using the 10X Switch.

I think you’ll agree that this is more than fair.

With markets crashing from all-time highs, this is a prime time to make money from the volatility that will control the market for the next few years…

The same situation you could have used back in 2008 to make an absolute killing.

There’s never been a better time to trade the market’s booms and busts…

And there’s not another system like the 10X Switch to show you how to make money no matter which direction the market is going.

Now it’s your turn to decide. Are you in … or out?

We start the clock on your first year of 10X Profits as soon as you subscribe… and if you’re not through the door, you may not get a chance to take advantage of this historic market volatility.

If you prefer to join by phone, please contact our VIP Member Service Team at 1-877-242- 3508, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time.

I look forward to working with you and showing you just how easy it is to make money flipping the 10X Switch!

Adam O’Dell
Chief Investment Strategist, Money & Markets

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August 2020